Product: Lash Adhesive Eyeliner

How does the Lash Adhesive Eyeliner work?

The Lash Adhesive Eyeliner uses a common cosmetic ingredient called Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer already widely used in products such as sunscreen, cleansers, baby soap, eyeliner, mascara, and much more. In this product, it functions as a pressure sensitive adhesive, forming a thin adhesive film which bonds when pressure is applied to its surface. So, when the lash band is pressed onto the Lash Adhesive Eyeliner on your eyelid, an immediate bond is formed making for super fast and convenient falsies application. Yaaayayay!


So how is this different from glue?

What, apart from the no mess, no fuss, no wait time, no uneven application, no slipping and sliding falsies only to realise the inner corner has popped up when you look in the mirror an hour later? Just kidding, we get you!

Whilst yes, the Lash Adhesive Eyeliner functions by sticking the lash band to the eyelid, adhesives are actually quite a broad category. Glue is certainly an adhesive, but so is Blu-Tac, sticky tape, and cement for example. Technically, glues and pressure sensitive adhesives are both adhesives, but pressure sensitive adhesives are not the same as glues and vice-versa.

I put my eyeliner on last. Will it still work?

Yes! We do mention that clean and oil-free eyelids yield the best results/adhesion, and it is probably best to avoid oil-based makeup on the lids to boost longevity of wear, but the Lash Adhesive Eyeliner still excels in performance compared to what we’ve been used to previously with glues etc. when applied as the last step.

How do I remove the Lash Adhesive Eyeliner?

After gently pulling your falsies off, the Lash Adhesive Eyeliner can be removed easily with your favourite makeup remover. Being a smudge-proof, budge-proof, and waterproof product, we do suggest using ample makeup remover to ensure easy and gentle removal and happy clean eyelids!

Product: Falsies

What is the correct length for my falsies?

Ensuring your false eyelashes are trimmed to the right length will make for effortless application and comfortable wear. Your falsies should start approx. 6mm / 0.25” from the inner corner – this will make sure the lash band doesn’t poke into you uncomfortably and also prevents any lifting of the lash band here. The lashes should finish at the outer corner of the eye. Trim the outer corner of the eyelash only to leave the tapered effect intact for the most comfortable and flawless look.

What's the best way to clean my falsies?

Usually, only the lash band may need cleaning periodically as it is the only part that comes in contact with the adhesive and your skin. After the majority of wears, we suggest simply peeling off any excess adhesive carefully from the lash band and reusing the box to store them for next time.

For a deeper clean, apply an oil-free makeup remover (so they adhere just as well for your next use!) to the lash band using a fine cloth / cotton bud. Rub gently to remove makeup and adhesive, using the clean parts of the cloth / bud in the latter part of the cleaning process to ensure removal of any remaining residue. Finally dab gently to dry with a dry part of the cloth / other end of the cotton bud before storing.

How many times can I wear these?

With gentle handling and cleaning as required, the Falsies should last 30 or more wears.

Product: General

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Yes. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we are seriously and firmly against doing harm to animals for the sake of self-expression, fun and beauty! For this reason, all our products are vegan and cruelty free. You will never find a pair of real mink false eyelashes here. Sorry, not sorry.

Delivery Packaging

Why do you reuse delivery packaging? Isn't eco-friendly packaging well, more eco-friendly?

We reuse used/unwanted delivery packaging from suppliers and business partners to pack your orders without compromising cleanliness or protection. We like the term “Beast” packaging because it might not be pretty or IG worthy on the outside, but you’ll love what’s on the inside!

In our humble opinion, a big part of the environmental problem comes from using too much natural resource to make brand new everything, and throwing too much away – the single-use culture. While used widely and well-meaning, eco-friendly packaging still uses (sometimes more) natural resources to produce, and is still getting thrown away. Sadly, they will not biodegrade in landfill conditions, or otherwise use more resource to produce only to get incinerated.

We believe reuse is the most environmentally friendly way to get our products to you. No additional natural resources needed to be consumed to make or transport our delivery packaging to us, and we didn’t throw packaging away only to use more packaging to get our products to you. It will stay out of landfills, incinerators and the environment for longer.

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